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Bob Goldstein     


The Democrats of South Dade Club (DSDC) is an active political organization that serves as a common meeting ground for all Democrats. We are one of the larger partisan clubs in South Florida and meet throughout the year on a regular basis.

DSDC is dedicated to furthering the ideals of the Democratic Party. To that end, we act as an arm of the local, state and national party. We were established in 2001 and are chartered by the Florida Democratic Party.

Our primary objective is to work for the election of Democrats at every level of government. You can help us in this goal by participating in our events and assisting in the campaigns. During the election cycles, we have successfully operated campaign offices throughout Kendall to help local, state and national candidates. You’re invited to join our many volunteers in this enriching experience.

If you are not already a member, please visit us at a meeting or at one of our local events. You’ll get to speak with candidates for office, hear interesting programs and meet with
people who share your views about politics and government.

I look forward to meeting with you and working together.

Bob Goldstein

Democrats of South Dade Club


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